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View full article here: When Madison was in elementary school, her teacher called on her to answer a question, and she didn’t know the answer. Madison recalls the teacher had the entire class laugh at her. She says she was humiliated. “That situation was just traumatic. It’s affected my entire life,” Madison says. “I fear […]

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CBT-I Effective Treatment For Insomnia

Is this scene all too familiar? You roll over and look at the clock (or worse, you roll over and check your phone that lights up and floods your system with blue light, disrupting normal melatonin production). It says 2AM. But how can that be? You feel like you just fell asleep at 11PM! You […]

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A patient said the other day, “I just get so anxious, what is wrong with me? Why am I like this?” and burst into tears. A common complaint of our clients with anxiety and depression is that they beat themselves up over and over again. Their minds are filled with self-critical thoughts. These negative thoughts […]

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Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment for Perinatal and Postpartum Anxiety

One of the benefits of writing a blog is that it provides the opportunity for the mind to wander. We focus a lot on mindfulness and paying attention moment by moment, however that is not to discount those times where we daydream or just let our thoughts drift to whatever happens to show up.

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Spring Cleaning

I was musing on the meaning of the two major holidays this past weekend. Easter is the day when Christ is said to have risen from the dead. The themes surrounding the holiday are rebirth, spring, joy, color and furry animals. Passover commemorates the freeing of the Jews who were enslaved in Egypt. Passover is […]

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Integrating Mindfulness Into Every Day Life

Article: 10 Ways to be Mindful Throughout a Busy Day As I was mindlessly flipping through apps on my phone, I came across this article.  Oh the irony.  As a clinician I whole-heartedly believe in the positive impact that mindfulness can and does have in my life and in the lives of many of […]

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Using Radical Acceptance for Panic and Anxiety

Anxiety affects all human beings. Anxiety is adaptive as it tells us when there is danger and helps us to survive in emergencies. This “fight or flight” response kicks in when there is a threat and helps us to get out of the way or, at times, to fight that threat. Social psychological research tells […]

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A New Take on New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year to everyone in the CBTDenver community! We hope that your holidays were festive and enjoyable and that you were able to take some time to breathe and relax. The New Year is typically a time to reflect and for many of us that means making a list of resolutions. We have all […]

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Holiday Survival Guide

Welcome to the first edition of CBTDenver’s monthly blog! Each month, you will find information and advice on topics we feel are relevant to our practice and our clients. Sometimes we will muse on recent research findings on Cognitive Behavior Therapy or mental health issues and other times discuss current events. Surviving the Holiday Season […]

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